How to download and setup our libraries in Kontakt

↪Download Pulse Now

All Your Libraries in One Place

View all of your sample libraries in one place and retain access to them forever. Hard drive crashed? Just log into Pulse and re-download everything in minutes.

Keep your libraries up to date with important product updates through Pulse – get notified, download and install new updates in seconds.

Redeem Then Download

Adding a product in Pulse is easy – simply click on “Add a Product”, enter your “Redemption Key” (received when purchasing your sample library), press “Redeem” and its in your library, with access to it forever.

  • Choose when and where to install your products
  • No more “download link expired” messages
  • Fast download and auto extraction

Simple Product Updates

Get notified when a product update is released and install it with the click of a button. No more manually extracting and overwriting. No more broken downloads. Files are verified before completion to ensure no errors with your product.

Supercharged Download Speeds

Products downloaded using Pulse are distributed via our CDN. With multiple locations around the world, files are downloaded faster! This means you’ll get your products as fast as your internet connection will allow – pause your downloads at any stage and they’ll resume anytime you want.

*It is not mandatory to use the Pulse app to run our libraries, you can run it only to check updates on your libraries. You can delete the Pulse app after you finish your download, you can install it back at any time, login to your account and all your Strix Instruments libraries will wait for you!

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